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Welcome to Vinyl Express, the best wholesale store for PVC vinyl clothing made from high quality PVC, latex and vinyl. We will shortly be adding an online shopping section so you can choose from our wide selection of costumes.

We supply many fancy dress and fetish shops.One of our most popular items especailly around Halloween time is this PVC catwoman costume. Here shown at one of our regular customer’s websites Party and Beauty.

Our business was established in 2013 and we manufactures quality vinyl costumes in a large variety of Vinyl and PVC materials.

We particularly specialise in PVC party costumes, fetish and club wear and also in , PVC footware and lingerie.You can be sure of quality as all are made to the highest standards from smooth and shiny  Vinyls and PVC.

Although we have only recently gone into business, we can supply more than 30 different colours of  PVC all in varying standards  of silkiness and shine. In total we manufacture over one hundred pieces including , clubwear, costumes, fetish, and sexy underwear. We strive always to provide our trade customers with the best quality, which will give you great returns on your sales to afficiandos of latex and PVC clothing.

Vinyl Express clothing manufactures in all forms of PVC, polyurethane and latex and offer a complete range to suit all tastes and styles. We stock the most popualr items ready for overnight delivery, with other items  made specially to order. We can also supply custom made one off items and specials for the general public, musicians, actors etc

We will shortly be launching our own Vinyl Express online web shop strictly for trade customers, where you will be able to see our complete range and shop at your leisure from your PC or mobile phone.

If there are any items you are particularly interested in do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Team Vinyl Express PVC Clothing and Costumes 2013

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